– It started really with that I was on my way to bed, and then I usually like to check Justin Bieber’s Instagram profile, ” says Anna Langseth Folkestad.

20-year-old from Lillehammer, norway tells us that she is a big fan of the world-renowned artist, and that she has been there ever since she was 12 years old.

SHOCK: Anna Langseth Folkestad says that her body went into a shock when the idol at her, Justin Bieber, called her up on Instagram. – I tried to keep myself as calm as possible, ” says 20-year-old.

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– I laid me down in bed and discovered that he was on a Instagram live. Previously, he has invited some fans to come and chat with him on live, so I decided that it would be fun to just try pressing the button a second time before I went to bed.

A message popped suddenly up on the screen her: “Justin Bieber will start a live broadcast with you.”

– Then I had to just accept it, and suddenly I was on the screen along with Justin Bieber in front of over 50,000 people, ” says Folkestad.

do not Remember as much

Justin Bieber beat through as an artist when he was 13 years old. Since then, the 26-year-old released five albums, and on Instagram he has over 131 million followers.

– I didn’t know quite how I should conduct myself. I remember not really so much. My body went enough in a kind of shock, but I tried to keep myself as calm as possible. I got rather cry all the tears I had to cry afterwards instead.

Folkestad, tells us that she and Justin Bieber talked about everything and nothing.

– So I had to also say how much I love him and how much he means to me as an artist, and all the beings there. It was very nice to get it out, ” she says, and laughs.

131 MILLION FOLLOWERS: Justin Bieber is one of the world’s greatest artists. 26-year-old has fans all over the world, and on Instagram he has over 131 million followers.

Photo: Kim Erlandsen / NRK P3 Have met before

Folkestad, tells us that this was not the first time she talked with verdensstjerna.

– I was at a competition a few years ago where you could win a meet with Justin Bieber. I took myself together and created a video that did that I won. So I got to meet him when he was in Norway last time.

She adds that the meeting did not last especially long, because she was not the only one who would greet him at the time.

– I got a little kiss on the cheek and we exchanged a few words, but nothing more than that. So I would say that this conversation enough tops that meeting.

– Many people think that is nonsense

Folkestad, tells us that she couldn’t sleep much after the call.

– I was up there for quite a long time and only sprella with the legs. I didn’t know where I was going to make of me, ” she says.

When she was asked about how friends and acquaintances have reacted on the meeting with Bieber, she explains that the date makes it hard for people to believe in her.

– Many people think that it is nonsense, for it is 1. april. People think that I have sat up and edited a long video where I just tried to get it to look like that I have a conversation with the idol of my.

– I think that they get to believe what them want. I know that it happened and it is the most important thing for me.