The harmless large house spider can easily be confused with the dangerous Nosferatu spider, which occurs more and more frequently in Germany. Here’s how to tell the two species apart despite their similarity.

The Nosferatu spider, which originated in the Mediterranean region, has meanwhile spread almost throughout Germany. This was shown by the first results of a call for reports by the German Nature Conservation Union (Nabu). But the relatively large and hairy eight-legged creature is often confused with native crawlers such as the “big house spider”.

Large house angle spider completely harmless

There are definitely similarities between the two spider species. The house spider is also a large, hairy spider with particularly long legs. However, this is completely harmless to humans. Instead, insects and woodlice are on the menu of the large angle spider.

The house angle spider is often found in basements and garages, as it originally lived in natural caves and rock faces and is now inhabiting similar nooks and crannies in built environments.

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