Pizza recall started: Because the affected products may contain wire, consumption of the goods is strongly discouraged.

Frozen pizza is a very popular dish when time is of the essence. At the moment, however, pizza lovers should note a recall. HASA GmbH warns about a product via “”: Wire parts were discovered in tests on the “Mondo Italiano Stone Oven Pizza Funghi” in the 2x 365 gram pack. There is a risk of injuries to the mouth, throat and stomach when consumed, so consumption is strongly discouraged. The pizzas were sold at Netto Marken-Discount. In the meantime, the products have been removed from discounter shelves throughout Germany.

The products can also be returned without presenting a receipt for a refund of the purchase price. Other products from the manufacturer or other best before dates are not affected.

Cristiano Ronaldo is apparently his private plane too small. The football star has now sold his Gulfstream G200. Supposedly he wants a bigger jet.

Boris Becker is apparently enjoying life to the fullest after his imprisonment. However, his insolvency administrator does not like that at all.