In Lithuania, the Bundeswehr has started preparations for a first exercise to increase the protection of its NATO partner.

According to the Lithuanian military, a total of 250 soldiers from the German NATO brigade with equipment for a maneuver are to arrive at the Gaiziunai troop training area near the Rukla military base. There they should practice together with Lithuanian troops, local media reported on Tuesday.

A Bundeswehr spokesman in Rukla confirmed to the German Press Agency that a German advance commando should leave for Lithuania by plane on Tuesday. More training troops and about 70 military vehicles should arrive in the Baltic EU and NATO country by ferry on Wednesday, he said. After the deployment of the forces, the exercise is scheduled to begin on October 7th.

After the Russian attack on Ukraine, NATO decided to increase protection on the eastern flank. Germany is to lead a combat troops brigade with 3000 to 5000 soldiers for Lithuania. The German concept envisages stationing weapons, ammunition and a command staff on site. Most of the soldiers are kept ready in Germany.

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