According to a report by Forbes Ukraine, Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin has spent $82 billion on the war in Ukraine, a quarter of his annual budget. Your own resources are running low, but the costs of the war are increasing. Next year, the “war bill” could be too high.

Forbes Ukraine calculates that in 2021 all budgetary revenues of Russia will amount to $340 billion, which means that the Russian Federation has already spent a quarter of last year’s revenues on military operations. In addition, the budget of the Russian Federation from oil and gas exports is falling. War expenditures doubled in the autumn. Now the war needs at least $10 billion a month.

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According to the Kremlin, Russia recently mobilized 300,000 soldiers. This results in additional costs of 1.8 billion US dollars per month. This also increases the running costs for ammunition, food and equipment. Overall, the personnel apparatus alone is said to devour 2.7 billion dollars.

Compensation payments ($110,000) due to the family of a killed soldier are said to have increased dramatically recently. According to “Forbes” alone in the last month of the war to 3.5 billion US dollars. Previously, it was around a billion a month. “Forbes” cites information from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, according to which 17,470 Russian soldiers are said to have died in Ukraine from October 24 to November 24 alone, even more than in the first month of the war.

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To these expenses must be added the cost of equipment lost during the nine months of the war, which is said to have totaled $20.8 billion.

Jens Spahn, former health minister, bought a luxury villa in Berlin with his husband. According to “Spiegel” research, there are ambiguities about the financing. It’s about an inheritance and money in Austria.

The columnist has received notification from the police that he is under investigation for a comment. Reason for him to think about louder and less louder means in the battle of opinions.

Because of the increased rental costs, many federal states want to grant their civil servants high back payments from tax funds. Depending on where they live, officials with two children could be paid a five-digit amount. It doesn’t matter whether the officials live in rented accommodation or in their own home.

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