The case of the missing Monika fresh wood (12) moves the whole of Germany. Almost 43 years after the mysterious Disappearance of the girl, the hunt for the perpetrators to be running in Flossenbürg (Bavaria) on high speed.

Monika has not been found yet, but the police have statements, thanks to the new stuff a hot track. To have week beginning investigators bring a green VW beetle dug up, you Disappear with all.

The Law enforcement give confidence to the case after so many years still need to be solved. The big question: Is such a determination miracle in us?

Especially in the 1980s, many children disappeared

fact is: In Switzerland, in the “dark eighties” exceptionally many children are part of the brutal capital crimes have fallen victim to. In seven cases there were found no bodies. The Little ones are gone without a trace. From one day to the other, they were nowhere to be found.

“The case in Germany, moved me very much,” B. K.* (71). Her son, Peter Perjesy (14), visited on 22. September 1981 table tennis Training in Wattwil SG. On the way home, the Teenager disappeared without a trace. The bike was found in front of the gym.

“I try to let it rest, wait but still the fact that the case is solved. The hope never dies!”, the mother says to LOOK. At least when you go from this earth, will there be a reunion with Peter. “Then I’m going to get answers”, is convinced the St. Galleries.

Soko-a member is angry about limitation

The chances of a real determination of success in the open cases, estimates Joseph emmenegger (73), however, low. The retired Lucerne with the police was for many years a member of the “Soko, Rebecca,” which was founded after the violent death of little Rebecca Bieri (†7) from Gettnau LU.

The special Commission, respectively, in the nationwide violence against children. However, their resources are limited: “Because murder is time-barred after 30 years, is missing the legal possibility for new investigations. Compulsory measures, or official surveys are not possible. A new suspect could, in theory, just say: I’m not in the mood!”, Emmenegger’s angry.

in addition, because of the limitation completely legal pieces of evidence can be destroyed – though there are still open questions. The opportunities for education are reduced. A circumstance in which members of the terrible child murders and suffering in the eighties until today.

The pain of loss keeps up today

This is also true for the missing Peter Roth (7). The second graders from the city of mogelsberg SG was on 12. May 1984 on the way home from school, bought a pack of Chips at the village kiosk. The empty pack is later found 300 meters from the parents house. It is the last sign of life from Peter Roth, whose Disappearance has been clarified in spite of great effort never. “The desire for enlightenment is still there, but now it is more important to us to have our peace,” says a member of to VIEW.

Similarly, the application for the Declaration of Presumed death for Edith can occur bass (9) suggest that last year was submitted to the district court of Frauenfeld. Only if by 1. July received no new information is declared in 1986 on the way to school missing peasant girls is officially presumed dead. The reason: The application was filed after the death of her father (†81). This should not have given up hope to find his daughter, until his last day.

Even in the cases of Sarah Oberson (5) Saxon, Sylvie Bovet (12) from Bevaix, NE, and Karen Schmitz (16) from Adliswil, ZH can only hope for a miracle.

In the case of Monika fresh wood in Bavaria, such would come for the family to be late. Her brother Bruno (†59) in January as the last pair died. The police is still doing everything it can to provide belated justice.

* Name

each Year about 5000 people disappear in Switzerland. Exact statistics are not kept.

But the missing messages show: will be Reported to children who do not come home, the elderly, the lost – mountain-goers, all of which are involved in an accident. Most cases clear up within a short period of time. Also thanks to public view Missing.

not Cleared about 200 cases per year. But even if a Person is never found, and there is little hope that she’s still alive, it is not declared in Switzerland is automatically dead. The determination of death must be explicitly requested. The only who has a protected interest in it. About heirs or Offices.

For lost for missing persons to be declared, however, if there is reasonable doubt as to their death. Also this only happens on request. So a missing Person, in an extreme case, it can be over 100 years old before it is considered lost. This is precisely what happened with the missing Pauline Emma Sunier, who was born in 1865, and until 2019, in theory 154-year-old, a missing person.