In the site we Wanted to share news from the world of beauty that I want to get right now. Today in our wishlist — the aroma of the Bubble Bath from Maison Margiela. As earlier fragrance Replica, including Coffee Break and Springtime in a Park, he is inspired by familiar memories. In this case, memories of a pleasant peaceful bliss, which gives a bath after an exhausting working day.

In 1994 the fashion house Maison Margiela has created a line of clothing and accessories, Replica, inspired by garments from around the world. Each thing of this line is an exact copy of the original and marked with the white label, which indicates the place and time of creation of the original product and its description. Also fragrances Replica: dedicated to moments and evoke warm memories.

Beach Walk takes us to blinded by a bright sun Calvi, Jazz Club teleports in Brooklyn, enveloping heady mixture of rum cocktails and cigars, and a woody-musky Lazy Sunday Morning is reminiscent of the fragrance of just washed crumpled linen sheets.

a New Bubble Bath gives the feeling that you are immersed in a hot bath and warming a rich lather. The composition itself is much more complicated than a simple combination of soap and warm water, which was the inspiration for its name.

She first notes gives a peaceful atmosphere. A chypre floral fragrance strips the chord of bubbles and bergamot. After them come the essence of rose, lavender accord and a absolute of Jasmine, the sound of which emphasize subtle relaxing notes of coconut, white musk and patchouli essences. The result is a soft, musky and clean arrangement unisex.

Bubble Bath complements the collection of 12 fragrances, along with toilet water, as By the Fireplace, Beach Walk, Jazz Club, Lazy Sunday Morning.

the Novelty can already be found in stores — distributors of the brand: for example, the “Rive Gauche”. The price for a bottle of 100 ml on average 9 360 rubles.