– Good! – not hide the joy seniors Anna and Sergey Golovlevs, released in the first day of summer stroll along the river Buckle. – We honestly fulfill the requirements of CPS and the two months spent at home. Get some fresh air out on the balcony, food was brought by the children. But by the end of may is quite sad. Thought is the self-isolation will be extended for the beautiful white nights and St. Petersburg bridges will get divorced without us… are we happy Now – the summer will not pass by!

Wearing masks and gloves now also become voluntary. Exception – public transport (including stops, train stations and the airport) and shops here masono-glove mode is still required.

by the Way, about the transportation. Restored all preferential and free tickets on public transport. But at the same time, from 1 to June 14 be suspended concessionary travel in suburban buses and trains for those traveling from Leningrad to St. Petersburg.

In respect of beauty salons, clothing stores and so on there is no change – they are still closed.

In Komi approached the mirror opposite. It continues to operate a regime of isolation for people over 65 and those with chronic disease, but resume the work of the enterprise of sphere of services: hairdressing, shops, Shoe repair, Laundry, dry cleaning, some food stores.

In Karelia came to the routes of buses and trolleybuses.

In the Vologda region opened a food stores, hairdressers and beauty salons. People were allowed to walk in parks and squares, including to engage in outdoors sports (though, respect for social distance). In addition, a renewed inter-municipal public transport and regular flights to Moscow and St Petersburg.

In the Arkhangelsk region the effect of all constraints associated with the spread of the coronavirus, including mode of self-isolation, extended until June 10. Moreover, in Severodvinsk security measures tightened: introduced compulsory masono-glove mode, and a popular place for townspeople – Yagrinsky forest on the shore of the White sea was closed to the public.

the Main innovation of June for the Kaliningrad region – the lifting of restrictions associated with schedule shopping centres. They opened on may 12, but in the mode from 10.00 to 18.00 strictly on weekdays. June 1, TTS has the right to work late and on weekends as before. In addition, now the number of visitors to the shopping facilities is calculated according to the formula: one person per 25 square metres. Before it was about 50 “squares”.

But the ban on the state registration of marriage in solemn conditions has been extended to 1 July. For conducting mass eventsactivities, including sports and cultural – until June 15.

In the Kaliningrad region from June 1 to become a paid accommodation in Observatory. In the region there are four such institutions in Svetlogorsk and Neman. They are created on the basis of sanatoriums and health camps. Residents of other Russian regions, arriving in Amber, and I don’t have their own homes, go there for two week, mandatory. Early self-isolation in Observatory was free. Now – for two thousand rubles a day per person. The cost, in addition to accommodation, includes all meals and transfers.

in addition, visitors to the region who have not been registered in the Kaliningrad region, shall, from 1 June to pay for tests for coronavirus. For accommodation and examination of those who arrived in the enclave to work, shall be paid by the employer.

As explained in the regional operational headquarters for control of novel coronavirus infection, instead of the Observatory, visitors to the region can be isolated in a rented apartment. At the airport you will need to show a lease agreement.

it is Possible to live with friends and relatives. But then people, receiving guests, too, must be ready for two weeks of isolation.