Walked to fame: actor Emelyanov and model Bobkov run into a drunken scandal with criminality

Accused on criminal charges of insulting a representative of authorities. And involved in checking on the fact of beating. New regalia actor, star of TV series “kadetstvo” Kirill Emelyanov. Whose home stay in the Moscow apartment can be fraught, as a minimum, the corrective work.

the Circumstances outlined in some detail a consequence. Hard drinking, at some point lost consciousness. And when to monitor his condition has arrived “Ambulance” — suddenly attacked one of the doctors with his fists. Then came the police. Where staff reported the gross insults and threats in his address from the side of the artist in the process of detention.

What to say. Walked to fame. But there is another interesting detail. As it turned out, relax “cadet cheesecakes” — in the company of none other, as a model Ekaterina Bobkova. All known to participate in the legendary drunken spree with the riot of Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev. Testify then. Gives them to you now. But why again is she?

Went to a girl’s house, drank and began. “He was there with a girl drinking. She went somewhere, then came back. Head smashed a table or something. She called an ambulance. The ambulance came, attacked physicians. Began to fight back,” lists “exploits” Leonid Yemelyanov, the father of Cyril Yemelyanov.

Began to fight back, then already know – the police, the conflict. In General, a star of serials “kadetstvo” and “Bastards” were detained, at least two days. While the proceedings were instituted under article “Insult of representative of power”.

Walking Kirill Emelyanov and Ekaterina Bobkova. Model, blogger, Clubber — most of the time a woman spends in clubs, at various parties and after-parties. She became famous after a memorable outing Kokorin and Mamaev. At that October morning, Catherine sat on the lap of married Kokorin, she stood in front of him on his knees on his kneesand put head. Then, at the trial, however, the attraction to the player denied. Here is a quote from the interrogation Protocol.

Prosecutor: You felt attracted to Kokorin?

Babkova: Nothing I didn’t do. I’m a lesbian, men don’t experience attraction.

Kirill Yemelyanov, apparently, also libido was not. So the lawyer says they are friends. “Ekaterina Bobkova, which it appears they are old friends. Cyril, being in the filming of a movie outside Moscow returned to Moscow, met, drank something,” says Alim of Bichenov, attorney Cyril Yemelyanov.

anyway, not to draw attention to the pattern fails. “It is very similar to the worker of the detective Agency. There are agencies that carry out such orders as to discredit a famous person. They have women in their staff members, who are being introduced to the crowd some man, and then provoke him to a fight, at some indecent act. And detective Agency under the order of someone takes revenge on someone” — offers an unexpected version of Anton Vuyma, PR specialist.

Conspiracy or an accident, troubles in life, Catherine becomes smaller. A year ago, for example, she was drinking in the company of the Czech hockey players, and she was in a horrible story off the balcony from the fourth floor. Fractures, trauma. Fortunately, remained are live and healthy. Said, however, that tried to kill her. Czech investigators of crime in the incident is not found.

“the Landlord brought me a glass of wine, I said, I already have. He said I another opened, he says, to have a drink and calm down. I drank and nothing more I do not remember,” — says Ekaterina Bobkova, blogger, model.

“the Girl loves the bad boys, company, drink, and not only, I guess. Loves to show himself off, getting into different scandals. In principle, a person who himself is nothing, he in order to become famous, he instituOMO gets a story like this to catch HYIP and earn money”, — pripechatal Leah Volyanskaya, socialite.

the Actor Kirill Emelyanov is the police are waiting for formal charges. That happened between him and doctors now understand the investigators. Well, the model and blogger Ekaterina Bobkova once again witness.