Tatiana: – Mode isolation in the capital was extended to June 14. Does the permission to go out not just around the house, not more than 100 yards, and on a normal walk, and to the Muscovites older than 65 years and those with chronic disease? After all, sitting almost without fresh air for more than two months…

Alexei nemeryuk: From 1 to 14 June, long walks and exercise in the fresh air allowed for all citizens, including Muscovites over the age of 65 and citizens with chronic diseases. You can walk around in the courtyards, parks, squares, streets and natural areas, but with a few restrictions. The recommended radius of the walk must not be more than two miles from home. But the time to walk people can choose themselves during the day, from 9.00 to 21.00. But sports can only be in the morning till 9.00.

But if in a Park will come too many people, the administration has the right to temporarily close it.

Andrew Fedotovich:

Mask and gloves on the walk are still needed?

Alexei nemeryuk: Sure! Leaving home, all residents are required to use respirators, masks or other means of respiratory protection. This equally applies to sports activities outdoors and visiting the shops, services, malls “My documents” and others.

Anna: – walks In a graph, published on there are strange things. For example, it is said that the houses are divided into six groups. On what basis?

Alexei nemeryuk: we are Talking about a specially simulated situation. For example, in your front yard stand three houses. In this case, one house walking on Monday, second Tuesday, third Wednesday… one week they’re out one schedule, to another something else. The model aims to enable all residents to walk evenly without creating the mass gatherings of people and hazard for themselves and their neighbors to be infected with coronavirus infection.

Marina – Looked the schedule of walks for our house on the street Goncharova, 17. He’s kind of difficult…

Alexei nemeryuk: Nothing complicated. The schedule of walks, including the address and time it should hang in the homes on each entrance. You can watch it on the official website of the mayor and government of Moscow applications “My Moscow” and Yandex.Card. In the near future will appear in the program 2GIS.

Vladimir Orlov: – Why am I on schedule, can walk only 1, 3 and 7 of June? In Europe for bars and restaurants open. And we are at the threshold of the apartment can only come out through the day, and then two…

Alexei nemeryuk: We are still in the mode of self-isolation. Or, as more precisely expressed by the mayor Sergei Semanovich Sobyanin, in the mode of self-preservation. The situation is a little stabiliziruemost – and the number of newly identified cases, and the number admitted to hospitals. But if you take sharply and to lift all restrictions, it could happen again a surge in the incidence, as has already happened in Europe and Asia, where something was opened, then closed, shot mode and again entered it. Came to curfews. The Moscow government is on the path of sustained easing of restrictions. We do not wish to return to the peak morbidity, which the city has experienced in April and early may. Therefore, the number of trips is still limited by two weekdays and one weekend.

Vladimir Orlov: – Continued question: if I have the same two-kilometer radius that allowed for the walk, is a clinic I can go to the doctor in between days is allowed to walk, say, June 2? Or it is necessary to choose a walk or the doctor?

Alexei nemeryuk: To the clinic people can go as many times as they need. The number of absences for these visits no limits.

Family Eliseev: – we Have a standard for Muscovites situation: husband registered at the same address, the wife on the other… well, we walk one by one, to each according to the place of registration?

Alexei nemeryuk: a Walk to health together. Law enforcement authorities when checking the documents will find that you spouse, and any doubts will not have any claims to you.

Roman D.: – do I Need to take the documents?

Alexei nemeryuk: compliance with the rules of the walks will be selectively monitored by the police and administrative-technical inspection. In order to avoid misunderstandings it is necessary to have a passport or other documents confirming the right of residence at a specific address – a certificate of ownership, lease agreement and so on. Take a walk on the originals is optional, can be limited copies, or screenshots in your smartphone’s memory.

Alexander Rudnev: – Read about the resumption of non-food shops. The stores, located in malls, too?

Alexei nemeryuk: on June 1, in Moscow, opened all the shopping centers without exception, and all the shops located under the roof of the shopping center and hypermarkets. In total will resume 47 thousand trade enterprises that employ about 300 thousand people. Of course, they will open with the new reality. Signed the order on the rules and procedures they must adhere to. These requirements are developed in conjunction with the administration of Rospotrebnadzor in Moscow. They provided the same required monitoring the health of employees who�� organized now in grocery stores, double the number of times of cleaning of sales areas with disinfectants, for visitors – respect for social distance. Key point: if you exceed the number of buyers protection may limit the entrance and asking new visitors to wait their turn outside the salesroom.

Alice RL: – Shopping malls earn whole? Including the children’s play room, entertainment?

Alexei nemeryuk: In shopping malls will be opened only companies who are allowed to work, i.e. food and non-food shops, as well as business life: tailoring, Shoe repair and other. Cinemas, sport clubs, entertainment centers, hairdressing, catering will not work neither in SC nor in any other places.

Basil: – Can log in to the following package of mitigation measures of fitness clubs?

Alexei nemeryuk: Can. And sports on the street you can start from today.

Elena: – Carwash and tire service earn?

Alexei nemeryuk: Yes, like laundries, dry cleaners, cleaning services. A total of 9 thousand enterprises of sphere of life in which the capital works 37 thousand employees.

Eugene: Hello! I’m 66 years. Can I descend or go to the hardware store?

Alexei nemeryuk: From June 1 opened and all home improvement stores. If you have such within walking distance, you can go, if is away – we’ll go, but only with a pass.

Alexander: When will be lifted passes for trips across Moscow, as is done in the suburbs? In my opinion, a trip in a private car is much safer visiting the dry cleaners.

Alexei nemeryuk: While a permit is not canceled, and the mode of increased readiness. This is a mechanism that inhibits the influx of capital from other regions. We have yet to use it, to stop the spread of coronavirus infection.

Dmitry: – I use two pass for travel to the country. Why not increase the number of spaces for other purposes?

Alexei nemeryuk: Is a rule. The city is forced to adhere to it yet. Otherwise there will be more people on the streets. This can lead to new infections with the coronavirus. He’s still not gone anywhere – every day there are over two thousand new cases COVID-19 in Moscow. What does this mean? First of all, that each new step mitigation regime needs to be reconciled from the point of view of security for Muscovites.

Tatiana Alekseeva: – Live in the Moscow region, but you need to go to Moscow in savings on your and��the car. Let me in Moscow after June 1?

Alexei nemeryuk: of Course, allowed. You only need to request a pass for a single trip. In the design of digital passes for travel in Moscow, nothing has changed.

Vladimir: – I am very concerned about: when unlocks social card citizens over 65 years of age? It is impossible for pensioners to travel anywhere on business (we, oddly enough, too, are doing), even with observance of all security measures. By the way, I need to visit to a scheduled examination in April a military clinic, located in another area of Moscow.

Alexei nemeryuk:, Until the decision on this point. I hope it will appear in the next stage.

Pelageya Andreyevna: – In Moscow, opened the cemetery to visit. In Moscow, too, already you can go to visit the grave relatives?

Alexei nemeryuk: In the capital, the cemetery is closed. Open them immediately hampered by the desire not to worsen the situation with the incidence of coronavirus. If we manage carefully, followed all the rules to pass the second stage of the softening regime of high alert in the capital, will soon be open for visits not only cemeteries, but also in many other places.