Waiting for you to kick the bucket Miro about her husband Babkina

Blogger Lena Miro believes that Eugene Gorchakov (Jack Gore), the young husband, who is seriously ill now Hope Babkin, sleeps and sees himself as the sole heir.

"Goes in the diaper": what happens to Babkina

“While sick with coronavirus Nadezhda Babkina, it is reported, “confined to bed”, “powered by probe” and “walking in diapers,” her husband Eugene of Mountains concerned with finding a hairdresser,” – writes in his LiveJournal.

The reason for such accusations was Gorchakova post on instagram, where he laments that during the period of quarantine there is no place to get a haircut.

“does Anyone know the underground hairdressers?!!! and then I’m ready to shave my head already”, – is the man.

According to Miro, to survive it is a different story.

After all, as the blogger writes, his wife is sick so hard just because her body was weakened by undergoing plastic surgery and serious weight loss.

And she did it to fit a young husband.

“I read somewhere that shortly before his 70-year anniversary of Babkina has made another facelift and lost 23 pounds. And for what, you ask, is all this dangerous for the psyche and health of the pursuit of eternal youth? To some lazy *** with a sinking heart waited, when you play in the box, and was concerned about the state of your own hair in the moment when you’re trying not to die stupid?”, – outraged Miro.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, it is noted that the pop singer was better, though she managed to start the disease and too late went to the doctors.

Nadezhda Georgievna marginally better — is breathing on her own without a ventilator, but continues through tracheostomy tube.

Publish from Evgeni Gor (@evgeni_gor) 17 APR 2020 7:00 PDT