In Sunday’s episode of ‘Across the Atlantic’, one can see that the two celebs musician Wafande and diamantekspert Katerina Pitzner are very fond of each other.

So happy to Wafande not afraid to come up with a kærlighedserklaring for the rolling cameras.

You can see the clip where he declares his love for Pitzner, above the article.

“She is first and foremost skidesød, and so is she ‘straight to the point, there is not so much ‘bullshit’,” says Wafande, who will be interviewed on the rocking boat.

“I am very positively surprised by her, I must say. She has stolen my friendship and my heart.”

recently they had to also actively go out and silence all the rumors to the ground.

Here explained the diamanthandlerens Instagram page, that despite the strong feelings had not been lovers. And it was there a particular reason why, revealed the.

“It is, because I will not have more children. It is dealbreakeren. So you know it, and how is it,” said Katerina Pitzner.