The Vision

With the focus on electric mobility will be Volkswagen the cleanest provider of the car industry. In the next few years, dozens of new E-cars are coming on the market, the public infrastructure, and green electricity will be supplied, so as to make the company up to the year 2050, a completely CO2-neutral. The VW group is investing in the next few years, 30 billion euros (around 34 billion Swiss francs).

Why the change?

Completely voluntary, the step is not, of course, comes After the billion buses in the United States because of the diesel scandal, Volkswagen committed to move on a climate-friendly companies. In addition, the group must report regularly to the U.S. Department of justice report.

What has made VW?

The so-called Decarbonisation concerns not only the vehicles, but the entire company. In the factory in Zwickau, where in future only E-cars should be built, could be reduced the CO2 emissions in the last eight years by 66 percent – from 158 000 tonnes in 2010 to 53 000 tonnes in the last year. Recently, VW also offers the subsidiary Elli renewably generated green electricity for the domestic Wallbox or for the household.

What happens in the next few years?

environmental and social standards should not be only in your own company, but also the suppliers to the major criterion. Especially for E-cars key raw materials such as Nickel, manganese, cobalt, or Lithium, the transparency should be increased significantly. The supplier in the conditions you will be excluded from VW. In order to give E-cars for the final breakthrough, will VW make the Modular electric, modular (MEB), even the competition.

what is the electric fleet?

at the beginning of 2020, the I. D. Neo starts in 27 European countries. Of cost and Size, it should correspond to a Golf and, depending on the scaling of the battery between 330 and 550 kilometers wide. A little later, the SUV I. D. Crozz, the family van I. D. Buzz and the sedan I. D. Vizzion follow. Audi already has the SUV of the E-Tron on the market and also in the case of Porsche and Skoda, the first E-models will follow this year. Seat the heck, a little later, so far.

How many E-cars wants to sell the VW?

Despite the uncertainty that prevails in the case of customers, the group has just the goal to bring in a first wave of tens of millions of E-Mobile to the masses, to 15 million. Despite the many concerns of critics, the environment is worth it technically, the switch: The spent CO2 of a compact stromer of the provision of Raw materials, through operation, to Recycling in Europe today with around 30 tonnes, significantly lower than a comparable gasoline-Golf, causing the life cycle of 44 tonnes of CO2.