if flopping is the new VW T-Roc convertible (image above), hats are not warnings from it: so Far, fulfilled, SUV convertibles with a request, the buyer had. Whether it is the T-Roc as the spring of a single open VW and the first open City-SUV packs? We have found six other SUV-fully-convertible-examples – without the semi-convertible cars like Land Rover Defender, Mercedes G-class or Suzuki Jimny–.

1. Citroën E-Méhari

The Citroën E-Méhari is a fully electric edition of the Ur-Méhari and very open, but the inside is absolutely water – and rar: Only 30 out of 1000 that were planned were built from 2016 in Switzerland. The plastic car is crazy beautiful, but must also be within 150 miles of the outlet.

2. Chevrolet: Blazer Removable Top

The Blazer came in 1969 by General Motors subsidiary Chevrolet as a competitor for Ford’s Bronco, and held until 1991. It speaks for itself that he was offered-despite the great sales only to 1975, as a real full convertible. Today, all open Blazer originals are not: Later blazers have been part cut open tuners.

3. Ford Bronco Roadster

The Bronco was in 1966, Ford’s first compact SUV. The Fresh-Air Version Of The Roadster (!) called, but went by 1977, with the launch of the second Generation then. The Name Bronco died in 1996. But, According to rumors, Ford is expected to to 2020, the upcoming Bronco-re-birth of the idea to an open Bronco!

4. Jeep Wrangler

over the decades, the heritage of the original jeep – the Wrangler’s been since 1987 – namely, button-up: Right convertible only the first Generation up to 1995 (image), and the Wrangler makes it into this list. But he is still as short version to have a semi-convertible with a soft top. So with an open success!

5. Nissan Murano cross cabriolet

Buoyed by the US success of the Murano, ventured Nissan 2011 cabriolet in the second edition to the aesthetically screwed up Cross. In the third year-end was the lack of customers again. Because the cross cabriolet is so rare, is it as Occasion demanded, and already today, value is more stable than closed in Murano.

6. Range Rover Evoque Convertible

I can positively see As a classic car the open-top Evoque is definitely a sought-after rarity. Three years ago, launched the Range Rover on the Basis of the coupe, the convertible is Closed, you can’t not get out and open prefer. With the new Evoque, the convertible disappeared recently, also, Weil is not a coupe anymore.