unwilling to part with the paper workbook 56% of respondents. Another 29% agreed to receive the document in a new format. 6% have already made an electronic version of the book.

more Often than not against translation of a document in a virtual format expressed people older than 60 years, inhabitants of villages. The main threats, respondents see the possibility of data loss of seniority because of technical failures and leaks.

“Despite the widespread proliferation of the Internet and modern technology in the lives of our compatriots, the level of trust in electronic systems is low. When choosing between the risk of data loss and reliable, but not too convenient paper format, preference is given to proven option”, – the report says Polls.

however, a quarter of respondents (23%) believes that the need for paper workbook is an electronic form is sufficiently reliable. The choice in favor of a paper document ready to make 63% of respondents go to the digital version going 30%.