VTSIOM found that men will give on March 8

the top gifts include perfume, cosmetics, jewelry and candy, alcoholic beverages, delicatessen.

Photo: Sergey Bobylev/TASS Roskoshestvo told about the above sellers on March 8

to Present the tickets to the concert, the theater or dinner mean this year only 7% of men. For comparison, in 2017 of such plans was reported by 15% of respondents. Decreased this year and the number of men who are going to give their ladies jewelry. This was stated by only 11% of respondents (vs. 18% in 2017). Another 4% of men this year will give its women the technology – mobile phone, smartphone or other gadgets (compared to 9% in 2017).

According to the survey, more and more men about what to present for March 8 to ask women. As an alternative of the present representatives of the strong half of mankind choose the money. At the same time every year reduces the number of men who make the decision about donation (32% in 2011 versus 24% in 2020).

among the desirable gifts women called flowers (47%), ticket (31%), tickets for the concert, the theater or dinner in the restaurant (25%), jewelry (17%), money or gift certificate (16%).

a nationwide survey “polls-Sputnik” held on March 2. The event was attended by 1.6 thousand people in the age from 18 years.