VTB increased its loan vacation several times

the Program, VTB, and the state program of vacation credit, valid for customers, the average monthly income which decreased by 30% compared to the year 2019. But unlike the statutory conditions, the program VTB provides respite for up to three months (according to the state program for six months).

Photo: wutwhanfoto / istock What you need to know for those who decided to go on vacation credit

the Bank has already started accepting applications for loans in the amount of 1.5 million rubles (statutory limit – not more than 600 thousand).

From April 9 the Bank will begin accepting applications for cash loans worth up to 2 million (the statutory limit – not more than 250 thousand rubles for individual entrepreneurs – not more than 300 million).

Since April 20, the Bank will begin accepting applications for the deferment of mortgage payments worth up to 3 million rubles, and in Moscow region, Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region – up to 8 million rubles (statutory limit – 1.5 million).

After the end of the holidays the monthly payment for a mortgage, cash loan and car loan will not increase will only change the lending period.

All credit card holders will be granted an extension of two minimum payments in April and may, the service will be activated automatically, any documents to activate it to provide to the Bank not necessary. All assessed during this time interest will be added in equal parts to the minimum payments on your card within the next 6 months, starting in June, the Bank said.