The state elections in Lower Saxony are taking place in the midst of the great inflationary crisis. Here you will find all the important voices of the protagonists on the election result.

6.15 p.m .: AfD federal leader Timo Chrupalla: “We appeared united as a federal and state party. Our supporters did a great campaign. We are pleased that we were able to double our earnings.” Chrupalla says the inflation is a result of misguided government policy. And that was clearly addressed and was therefore successful. “We need a cheap and, above all, secure energy supply.” To do this, the nuclear power plants must be kept running and cheap gas imported from Russia. That is the will of the citizens.

6.10 p.m .: SPD General Secretary Kevin Kühnert cheers on ARD about the election result in Lower Saxony: “This is a clear election victory for Stephan Weil and the SPD Lower Saxony. Today, however, a style of politics has also won: one that seeks common ground and does not try to fumble around for its own staging.”