Michelle Obama’s heartfelt endorsement of Joe Biden for president ringed familiar to her opponents who have previously heard her introduce convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein as a “wonderful human being” and a “good friend.”

The former First Lady endorsed Biden during her speech at the virtual Democratic National Convention on Monday. “I know Joe, he is a profoundly decent man guided by faith,” Obama said about her husband’s vice president.

The words seemed to ring hollow with the conservative crowd, who took little time before unsheathing the 2013 clip of her praising the disgraced movie mogul using similar words during a White House event. In 2017, several women came forward accusing him of sexual assault and rape.

Michelle Obama in 2020: Joe Biden is a profoundly decent man, guided by faith.Michelle Obama in 2013: Harvey Weinstein is a wonderful human being, a good friend👇🤷‍♂️

The perceived similarity in wording led Republicans to dismiss the whole speech. “Her words mean nothing,” wrote one online commenter.

And she honestly said Harvey Weinstein was a great man. Her words mean nothing.

I hear Harvey Weinstein and Joe Biden are very fine people

As a joke, actor James Woods pretended to mistake the Weinstein video for the Biden endorsement.

Beautiful endorsement tonight. She’s a great judge of character, so please be kind. No trolling. Oh, wait…

Obama’s defenders were quick to point out Trump’s own documented camaraderie with Weinstein.

…and now MAGAts are attempting to troll Michelle Obama because she once complimented Harvey Weinstein in 2013, before all of his criminal revelations? Really? You know, Trump himself is a predator, so yeah, there’s that…

Before the revelations about him, Weinstein was a donor and acquaintance to politicians from both parties. So much so, that one person on Twitter pointed out that these discussions quickly turned into a contest about “who hung out with him less.”

Harvey Weinstein is trending. I love watching both political parties fight over who hung out with him less. They all knew what he was doing and they all supported him anyways .

Biden, Trump, and Weinstein have all been targets of sexual harassment accusations. While the allegations have not led to any significant consequences for the politicians, Weinstein was sentenced in March to 23 years in prison for rape and sexual abuse.

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