On the adjustment of the arms is on the right, matched only in five weeks. But the rope is already pulling the best arguments in full swing. Or rather: It is a fierce battle raging with insults and intimidation.

discussions about politics have become in the times of Facebook, Twitter, and anonymous Online comments in General, rougher. So bluntly, the choice of words was rare. “I follow the vote campaigns for many years. The aggressiveness of the comments here has reached a new level,” said Economiesuisse campaign Manager Nicole Wiedemeier (30).

“disarm The people, Hitler has done”

the Majority of driving people to reject an Amendment to the firearms act, mischief. In their comments on Facebook and Twitter, but also in the comment function on a VIEW, name-calling, the advocates regularly as a “country traitor”. They are all considered to be “the left” – even though all the parties of the Red-Green to the FDP in favour of the template.

Individual comments are so heavy that they are deleted on various sites, or, as in the case of a VIEW, only never released. As an opponent of the firearms act wrote a supporter on Facebook: “Maybe you are the burglar who raped my wife are” – and indulged in a fantasy of Violence.

another handle to an historically absurd comparison: “to disarm The people, that Hitler has made.” A third weapons fool advised his Against after a heated debate, as the short-hand: “sign in to the family and throw you in the nearest river.” But supporters go – albeit much less frequently – below the belt line. An example: “the weapons of bigotry is due to impotence.”

huntress feared to lose their hunting ground and is silent,

Not only the exchange of blows among the citizens is aggressive, even politicians will be offended. In the line of fire, the competent Federal councillor Karin Keller-Sutter (55) device. You will be insulted in non-published comments of two evils.

Even in a direct dialogue with parliamentarians, the virtual arsonists constantly offensive. BDP-President, and hunter, Martin Landolt (50), was described on Twitter as a “traitor” and “stupid”. At least a national Council, which wants to remain anonymous, were the insults, for instance: He received a threatening call from a applied to weapons friend.

Under continuous fire and the hunter came in, and Protect, against the majority opinion and the new weapons policy stark wanted to make. “It is massive pressure,” says Thomas Haemmerli (55), has the Protect-Committee “& the hunter for a modern gun-rights” established. He knew of people who had been intimidated and therefore to a commitment in the Committee refused. He knew, for example, a hunter who was afraid to lose your hunting area.

no Committee: “Make a substantive vote, battle”

But also the politicians themselves, with accusations and daring Subjects, some of the responsibility for the snide remarks in the network. The SP with its Skull and crossbones Motif, composed of many weapons, even with their allies for a shake of the head.

A belligerent tone of the ‘ no-Committee maintains. Federal councillor Keller-Sutter to have made “crass and misleading” statements, so a charge. Worse, however, is that the Committee operates officially with slogans such as “anti-Swiss” and “freedom enemy”. Journalists, the campaign reports critical of the no -, be defamed. Werner Salzmann (56), SVP national councillor and Co-President of the no Committee, the criticism itself: “We make a factual and professional vote of a fight.”

of Course, the template freedom of being hostile, because you are limiting the freedom of the Swiss level. “I distance myself more clearly from the aggressive and insulting statements in the social media,” says Salzmann. What is the net outgoing, he could not influence.

On the 19. May the Switzerland on the Revision of the weapons on the right. The tightening goes back to EU-requirements, which must take Switzerland as a Schengen agreement state. In the case of the joint negotiations, Switzerland was able to get weighty special rules. The Shooters are still against it. You don’t want that in the future all semi-automatic weapons, which do not come directly from the army, shall be considered as prohibited. Neither fits you, that you join a club or regular Exercise to demonstrate.

The voting campaign for the new weapons is quite emotional. To Protect their Tradition is at stake, for police, industry and the public authorities the security of the Schengen area. The Swiss disarmed? Or do we need to include in a no more asylum seekers? These and further questions, Federal councillor Karin Keller-Sutter answered next Wednesday, 17. April 17 at the Live Talk with Christian Dorer, editor-in-chief the views-group and VIEW policy chief Sermîn Faki. You can use the conversations view.ch follow live and even ask questions – either about the readers comments or on Facebook.

Switzerland will vote in may on two templates. VIEW explains what it is exactly.

Federal law on tax reform and the AHV financing
The OASI-tax-Deal to understand
Federal decision on the approval and implementation of the note declared exchange between Switzerland and the EU on the Adoption of the Directive Amending the EU arms Directive
The changes in weapons law in 12 points.

Switzerland votes: explanations of all the initiatives, current News, and prominent voices on the topic, you can find here.