at the meeting, Vladimir Putin asked to report on the socio-economic situation in Moscow region as a whole. “But still I would like to start with one of the most important sectors, he added, – with the building and with the need to address the problems of citizens – participants of shared construction”.

the President noted that in the Moscow region of such people is quite a lot so far – 24.5 thousand.

– This problem long-standing, since the beginning of 2000-ies, – reminded sparrows. And only the deceived shareholders for 2000-2015 was about 104 thousand.

housing Problems 80 thousand people managed to solve it, the Governor said. This was due to the work on each affected building, the region was leading with the government of the Russian Federation and with the company HOUSE.Of the Russian Federation. “And with your help-specific objects,” – said Vorobyov.

He reminded that Vladimir Putin “personally accompanied” the adoption of the important law on escrow accounts. Talking about special Bank accounts opened for the settlement between the buyer of an apartment in a newly built house and the Builder. Thanks to this law, I am sure the sparrows, now “no risk of new deceived shareholders”. Thanks to financial discipline and monitoring by banks “everything fell into place,” he said.

– As you suggest, in what time frame to solve the problem defrauded real estate investors? – addressed to the other party’s President.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, we will solve the problem of defrauded co-investors, I think, in the next three years, – said Vorobyov. – Of course, if we will continue to work with the HOUSE.Of the Russian Federation.

He said that the region already “has a plan” solution. “This year we will issue 15500 keys, – he stressed. – And next year should not reduce the rate. If so will go, if not two, then for three years this topic should just once and for all to close”.

Putin noted that he had memorized the words of the Governor.