Although Birdlife takes Switzerland up to 9. May still be more messages, but now the balance is considerable: 68’975 birds from 138 species have been reported to Volunteers already have responded to the call of the bird protection Association for the “hour of garden birds”. With field-glasses, Notepad, or Smartphone is armed, you were sitting between the 3. and 5. May for an hour in the gardens and Parks, and listed, what birds you spotted.

The first results show that the Blackbird is, as in previous years the most numerous bird species: about 80 percent of the nearly 1,500 Parks and gardens of the Blackbird. However, their distribution in previous years, was still at 90 percent. Due to the drought in the hot summer of 2018, the Blackbird had it hard, because you could hardly find more earthworms, wrote Birdlife in a message from Wednesday. In addition, it could also die in Switzerland regional the so-called “Blackbird” grass magnetized. The cause of the Usutu Virus, which is harmless to humans.

Also the great tit, who wrote to 78 percent of the land was the house Sparrow in 76 percent, and the magpie in 59 per cent of the gardens and Parks, such as Birdlife were disseminated according to the census. In absolute Numbers, the house Sparrow, however, lies ahead: 8604 birds of this kind were observed, in addition, 5515 titmice and 5144 blackbirds.

the data from this “Citizen Science” project, it was confirmed that in the settlement area, in the meantime, more and more birds appearing as on and in the case of agricultural land. But also in towns and villages, many once-common species have declined, such as, for example, greenfinch, Serin, flour, swallow, or Redstart. Most of the time it lacked the birds of food and nesting sites, and held the bird protection Association. Glass, and house cats also pose a danger for birds and prevent the rarer species to settle.

it also became Clear how big the effect of the landscaping on the species diversity of birds in gardens is acknowledged: nature gardens close to the Harbor, therefore, significantly more different ways than “up”. The leader was a garden with 32 species of birds. A rich mix of native trees, bushes and hedges, flowers, lawns, gravel and sand areas, nest boxes and wood can contribute a heap of therefore a great deal to the diversity of species.