the Speaker of the state Duma, Chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Belarus and Russia Vyacheslav Volodin sure that the Union state has good prospects for development and integration in various fields. The Russians and the Belarusians to each other, not foreigners, and brotherly peoples, he said.

“Politicians and experts are actively discussing the topic further development of the Union state. There are attempts to cast doubt on its feasibility,” said the speaker, quoted by the press service of GD.

In this regard, he recalled that the decision on establishing the Union state was adopted over 20 years ago. “It was about creating a unique integration of state enterprises, – said the head of the lower house. – Both our countries over these 20 years has gone through rather difficult periods.”

Volodin has reminded about the success of the integration. According to him, much has been done to ensure equal rights of citizens of Belarus and Russia: when applying to universities, when applying for a job, while solving retirement issues. “We are not for each other, foreigners, and the fraternal peoples”, – he stressed.

Created and are successfully operating thousands of joint ventures, closely cooperate in border area, added Volodin. “We define our joint priorities in the economic policy, promote mutual investments in various sectors of the economy,” continued the speaker. So, within the Executive structures of the Union state, much has been done for harmonization integration roadmaps, he said.

in addition, Russia and Belarus share the same priorities in defence policy. “We jointly protect the Union state border, airspace,” – said Volodin.

“this is the basis of the Union state, uniting the fraternal peoples with a long common history, he concluded. – We need to value it and to do everything for the steady development of our relations. The Union state of Belarus and Russia meets the interests of the people, and further integration will remain our priority”.