Football is A very serious fire. The two French doctors, suggested for an investigation into the feline corona virus and to do so in Africa, because there are no surgical masks, treatments, reanimaties be.” Samuel Eto’o, Didier Drogba, and Demba Ba, with three of the big names in African football are not at all pleased about this suggestion. “Africa is not a laboratory.”

“This may be controversial, but we do not carry out research in Africa are, with no masks, treatments, reanimaties to be? It can be done, in hiv / AIDS research.” These are the words of Jean-Paul Mira, the head of the reanimatiedienst of the Cochin hospital in Paris, france. Camille Locht, research director of health institution did, to give him the same. “We think that We are indeed in a similar study conducted in Africa. All we reject is also no study conducted in Europe and Australia as well.”

be The Senegalese striker Demba Ba has shared the clip on Twitter, with a very telling caption: “We, in the West, where whites, themselves, are so superior to believe that the racism and stupidity of a banality are.” It’s time for him to wake up.” Co-attacker, Samuel Eto’o to respond to this message with “asshole”, which is aimed at the two doctors. “In africa, it is not to play,” added Eto’o later on, on Instagram in just two months time.

you may Also use The icon Didier Drogba left out of the event. “It’s hard to imagine that we do have to warn you. Africa is not a laboratory. These forward-looking statements are defamatory, false, and mostly is not clear. Please Help Africa to save it from the feline corona virus. I don’t want the Africans as guinea pigs to be used. It’s disgusting.” In the Mix since the end of 2018 will officially be a vice-president of the international organisation Peace and Sport.