Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky compared his entry into politics with the career path of Apple founder Steve Jobs. During a speech at Stanford University, Mr. Zelensky said that “no one believed in many of his ideas either.”The President of Ukraine said that Steve Jobs started his career in the garage, with ” crazy at first glance ideas.” “And Ukraine has a similar situation. Once, my team and I were sitting in the office, generating ideas that, by the way, no one believed in, about which they said what they often said to Steve Jobs— that it was impossible, ” said Vladimir Zelensky (quoted by TASS).As the Ukrainian president noted, Steve Jobs eventually managed to achieve success. “And now I have in my hands the creation of Jobs and Apple-the iPhone, and this is his heart, and it beats. It beats with every vibration during a conversation, SMS, ” Mr. Zelensky added.The President of Ukraine is in the United States on a working visit. On September 2, Vladimir Zelensky held a meeting with Joe Biden, following which Washington decided to allocate $463 million to Kiev to support democracy, as well as about $60 million for security assistance. The parties also signed an agreement on the strategic foundations of the defense partnership and agreed on a secure communication line between the two countries.For more information about Mr. Zelensky’s visit to the United States, see the material “My NATO from the edge”.