Because the penguin Tweety from the Frankfurt Zoo swallowed a coin that a careless visitor probably threw into the pool, the animal had to be operated on immediately.

Tweety is a Humboldt penguin from Frankfurt Zoo. When his zoo keeper noticed that Tweety was not doing well, he arranged for several examinations.

It turned out that the Humboldt penguin had swallowed a cent coin that was probably thrown into the pool by a visitor. The animal was then operated on immediately.

According to “RTL” information, the coin was removed using a magnetic rod. The little penguin was very lucky and is now back among his fellows. But if his caretaker hadn’t reacted so quickly, the anus would have become blocked and Tweety would have died.

In an interview with “RTL”, the press spokeswoman for the Frankfurt Zoo emphasized: “We have warning signs everywhere, but none specifically for coins – this ban should actually be clear.”

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