On the portal “Learn Moscow” appeared tour at the Metropolitan museums. During virtual walks netizens can visit the most picturesque places of Moscow, and also to see the key exhibits of the Museum, whose collection is devoted to science and history.

So, the virtual guests can visit the ancient aristocratic mansion. Its history began in the XVIII century. On the portal “Learn Moscow” will tell you how to look at the Stroganoff estate. After all, they have erected the first buildings, including oak manor-house and outbuildings. In 1757 Blachernae moved Golitsyn, who began to update, improve and expand the estate. Users will learn how the earth changed with the new owners: when there is a cascade of four ponds, how rebuilt the house and stables. In the XIX century the estate of vlakhernskoye-Kuzminki was considered one of the most beautiful in the vicinity of Moscow and was a favourite place for holiday relaxation.

Of the cave bear prehistoric predator that lived in Eurasia in the middle and late Pleistocene and became extinct about 15 thousand years ago — talk during a virtual walk in the Darwin Museum. Bear got its name because scientists found its remains, mostly in caves. Representatives of prehistoric subspecies of the brown bear was about one and a half times larger than their modern relatives. The online tour will demonstrate the skeleton of a cave bear, which is stored in the collections of Darwin Museum. In addition, it will be English naturalist Charles Darwin.

while virtual tours can be to learn how architects designed the residence for Catherine the great, why rebuilt the Palace ensemble after the death of the Empress and what archaeological finds discovered on the reserve in the XX century.

in Addition, users will be able to “walk” around the house poetess Marina Tsvetaeva in which she lived before emigrating, and to study the biography and listen to the songs of the bard of the Soviet Muscovites will see the old piano, on which played the famous Russian composer, and other personal belongings of the musician.

Choose online tours of the capital’s museums see “Museums” on the portal “Learn Moscow”.

the Portal “Learn Moscow” is a joint project of the city government departments of information technology, culture, cultural heritage, education and science. Interactive guide to the city attractions contains descriptions of more than two thousand buildings and structures, 636 sites, 327 of museums, 196 territories, data on 207 historical figures, 127 thematic walking routes and 59 quests. Users also available the same application for smartphones, catthe ora can be downloaded from AppStore and GooglePlay.

Staying at home, citizens can take a virtual walk in the roof of the famous historic buildings or to study the decoration of old houses, manors, hotels and palaces.

For fans of quizzes on the portal are collected nearly 60 educational quests. Among them, the online quest on the places where was filmed the famous Soviet comedies. Answering 10 questions a virtual game, users will learn where she studied the heroine of the film “Come tomorrow” Frosya Burlakova and what street admired Ivan the terrible from the balcony of flats in one of the scenes of the film “Ivan Vasilyevich changes profession.”

Recently, the portal “Learn Moscow” joined the cycles of the city and meropriyatiyah users can pass the online quests, developed on the basis of the city’s urban project. And to the 85th anniversary of the Moscow subway appeared on the site three virtual quest devoted to the construction of the subway in the 1930s, its importance for the city and its inhabitants during the great Patriotic war and the unique architecture of some stations.

Despite the fact that all institutions are temporarily closed for visitors, the cultural life of Moscow continues online. To the townspeople not miss the brightest event on launched a special project “the Culture of Moscow online”. In one place dozens of concerts, performances, tours, lectures and light shows.

in addition, the Committee on tourism, together with the cultural sites of the city opened the project #Mosqueteros. With it, you can see permanent and temporary Museum exhibitions.