the Fight against graffiti not caused by taste issues and the need, paradoxically, to defend the rule of law and prosperity.

There is conclusively proven by scientists-criminologists, the relationship between dirt, squalor and crime in it. It is also called the broken Windows theory. According to this theory graffiti logically included in the list highlight problems.

Next to drawings of graffiti walls look very organic empty bottles, crumpled paper, including toilet, other crap. First, even the smallest graffiti is the first step to the degradation of the street, district, city.

that is why in his time in new York fighting crime began with the fact that the declared zero tolerance of graffiti. By the way, when the head of the new York subway has started a campaign of cleansing in the literal sense of the word subway, he received a barrage of criticism. They say, don’t have anything better to do? But the leader was inflexible, and went: the painted wagons just didn’t appear on the line. There was at least one extra letter during a route? Stop the car. At the final station wagon has been cleaned.

Someone may seem paradoxical, but the city began a chain reaction, here and there began to restore order. And gradually new York passed the position of the most criminal cities in America. Because when there clean, the bullies give up.

the Fashion for ugly graffiti came to us. It must be fought. While the so-called street art is punished under article 7.17 Cao “Destruction or damage of property”. The penalty from 300 to 500 rubles. Can sometimes impute to article 20.1, “disorderly conduct”. The penalty from 500 to 1 thousand roubles or administrative arrest.

Now the Ministry of justice is finalizing the draft of the new Cao. Among other things the document provides for a special penalty for “destruction of or damage to landscaping elements, including lettering and other graphic representations made resistant materials.” The punishment for artists, bullies become much stricter.

the Most notorious court will be able to send mandatory work. Such sentence to be served in his spare time under the supervision of a bailiff. A scope of work outline local authorities. Sweep the streets. To mow grass on lawns. To paint the fence. It would probably be fair to force the vandal to clean up after themselves and cover up their art. But look what happens on the practice.

of Course, in graffiti lot of genres. Not all of them are terrible. Moreover, in the last time there was a fashion for the decoration of cities drawings on the houses: in such cases the walls are not esperat scrawl, and make paintings. The difference is in the content. But the article does not share the high art of and terrible, that is correct. Not deLuo police officer, which is a Protocol to decide whether to be fined for painting on the fence or to thank. Any unauthorized graffiti is a violation.

by the Way, in recent years, many artists began to offer their services to local administrations and to get a positive response. Because when art case agreed and endorsed, it is called landscaping. For example, often paint Patriotic paintings, portraits of military leaders and so on. But encouraging law-abiding artists of our eyes and the views of sea, sky, nature, pictures of ships, planes, animals and so on and so forth. What is drawn with the soul, the street does not spoil.

For those artists who do not recognize agreed, the authorities are also looking for options. To satisfy a creative itch, and no city to ruin.

In St. Petersburg, for example, will be a special design to street art.

“the Committee for city planning and architecture will offer the options to embed creativity of artists of the street art in the urban environment, including in the Central areas. Now the Agency has begun to develop a special outdoor structures. Plan to put them in an urban environment, both permanently and on a temporary basis,” – said authorities in the Northern capital.

the district administration sent the request to suggest places where it would be possible to install such structures.

In the new draft administrative code provides for a separate Chapter, punished for various violations of rules of an accomplishment of territory of municipal formations.

for Example, for Parking on the lawns is proposed to introduce fines from a thousand to four thousand roubles, and in the case of fixing these administrative violations in order provides for a fixed amount of the penalty to two thousand rubles.

Provides penalties for thrown in the yards of abandoned cars, car wash in the wrong places, Parking on lawns, and playgrounds and sports venues. It is still planned to impose sanctions for failure or improper execution of works on cleaning of snow, ice, icing of roofs and ramps. Proposed to include in the new administrative offences code and article about responsibility for damage or destruction of trees, shrubs and lawns. And so on.

Important: the rules will be uniform across the country. Now the Agency is finalizing the bill after a recent public discussion.