Disneyland’s Instagram account was hijacked by a hacker for about an hour. During that time, the anonymous attacker posted a series of insults, many with racist content.

A hacker took control of Disneyland’s Instagram account for around an hour this Thursday, according to Metro UK. The anonymous attacker posted his first post shortly before 4 a.m., and four more and one story were to follow in the coming hours before the group regained control. In one of the posts, the hacker announced that he was a “super hacker” who wanted “revenge on Disneyland.”

In his posts, the attacker attacked Disney employees with sometimes racist insults. At the same time, he also claimed that he “invented Covid and blamed it on Wuhan.” Now he is said to be working on “Covid20”, i.e. probably a new variant of the virus. The Disneylands Facebook account was also apparently compromised for a short period of time, although apparently no posts were made here.

The attacker’s posts received thousands of replies. Most users were shocked and outraged by the insulting and racist texts. After about an hour, the spook was over and Disneyland regained control of the account. The offending posts were immediately deleted. When asked by Metro UK, Disneyland has not yet commented on the incidents.

Eight German vacationers remain in detention on Mallorca. The judge refused bail, speaking of a “mockery of the judiciary”. The cone brothers are accused of starting a fire at a bar in late May.

On Tuesday evening, a swastika measuring around 360 square meters was discovered and mowed away in a field in Niederfinow in the Brandenburg district of Barnim.

The bodies of two men aged 40 and 52 were found in an apartment in Hamm. A homicide commission had been set up, said a spokeswoman for the Dortmund public prosecutor’s office on Thursday.