at the time developed by leading government Agencies such as the Robert-Koch Institute, together with several other Federal agencies, a risk analysis of a pandemic with a model Virus called “modes-Sars”. Many of the forecasts from that time to the course of the infection wave, and the resulting problems seem to come true seven years later. Only that of the fictitious excitation is replaced by the real Coronavirus, Sars-CoV-2 and the lung disease has a name: Covid-19.

risk analyst warned of vulnerabilities

in 2012 Already accounted for the risk analysts as to possible weak points in the fight against a similar Virus epidemic closely. In their assessments, the researchers were oriented to the epidemic with the Sars Virus in 2002/2003, the also found in China, its origin, and 800 people worldwide a respiratory disease die. At that time, the world considered health organization, the Coronavirus related pathogens as a global threat.

As it seems, however, not familiar to the authorities in the Federation and the countries of the former thinking of the RKI. Meanwhile, health experts are asking to coats why are there shortages of FFP3 masks, protective, disinfectants, or mouth-nose protection could come from, why the supply of ventilators and intensive care beds laboriously high and had to be driven and the capacity is possibly in the worst case, still not enough.

Why had to cope with many of the affected municipalities such as the district of Heinsberg in the absence of a clear pandemic plan quasi to a Learning-by-doing process as to the seriousness of the case, to get the number of the Infected in the handle?

“The fight of his life”: The British press commented on Johnson’s Corona-Drama FOCUS Online/Wochit “The fight of his life”: The British press commented on Johnson’s Corona-Drama

“It was a big mistake, the pandemic plan is not consistently implemented,” said the SPD-health expert Karl Lauterbach, the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger”. You have to respond to an important opportunity missed, “on the explosion of the Coronavirus to”. From the point of view of the politician, this failure also has to do with the fragmented jurisdiction of the Federal government, the länder and the municipalities: “All want of jurisdiction, no one wants to but the cost or responsibility.”

Predicted horror scenario is real

As a blueprint and the seven-year-old risk analysis, the projected in large Parts of the current horror scenario reads. As it would be today, to advance the study says huge economic losses due to the social Lockdown. Aviation, travel and rail transport, public TRANSPORT – all areas have to cope with immense losses. Global supply chains would be interrupted, so that the economy could not in this country produce. The rescue – and sanitary beings, is reaching its limits. The industry is not able to keep up with the Demands for protective equipment, medicines, etc.

curfew, contact and gathering bans, Isolation of risk groups. Elderly people, confused by pre-existing conditions, no longer dared out of the house. All of these factors lead to the Expertise as a counter-measure to bring the Virus pandemic under control.

not ended but Why should these warnings against the Background of realistic forecasts in a nationwide-reaching pandemic plan is not yet clear. Only in one point, the risk analysts were so far wrong The experts were when your model Virus “modes-Sars” by three waves of Infection, which would take three years. Until I found a vaccine, the high expected the mortality rate to about ten percent of the population (7.5 million people). As Of Tuesday, 7. April, reported died the RKI almost 100,000 Infected, about 1,600 of them. Renowned virologist Christian Drosten of the Charité hospital in Berlin, also hope that in the coming year, a vaccine against Sars-CoV-2 is present.

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With trembling voice speaks Intensive care Nurse from Heinsberg about their helplessness PCP With trembling voice speaks Intensive care Nurse from Heinsberg about their helplessness