Steven Van Gucht, virologist is in order, and inter-federal spokesman at the crisis center, last Thursday during a daily press conference on the new corona virus, the message states that surgical masks have little meaning for the ordinary citizen on the street. “Wear masks, it is not a guarantee against infection.”

Van Gucht, replied on the discussion in recent days, strikes on the purpose of the use or non-use of such surgical masks. The world of diving, which more and more frequently.

“We’ve been here many times, over communicate, but the theme is still very, very hard. There is a lot of fear and anxiety among the people about it. That is, it is easy to understand. There is a great demand for more masks to wear,” he said.

“we want to see our messages in the past to repeat itself. It is also important to keep away from each other, with our hands on our face and our hands are regularly washed. The wearing of masks is a little part of that. To wear masks is not a guarantee against infection. It is much more important to keep their distance and to wash our hands,” he said.

Van Gucht pointed out that the masks will be useful for people who are not able to keep it, for the sake of some of the activities. “I don’t think of it in the first place, our care, our social workers, those in residential care centres. But for the ordinary people in the street, they have very little sense of it.”

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