The high incidence of coronavirus in Israel, where most of the population is vaccinated against COVID-19, is associated with the spread of the “delta”strain and a decrease in the effectiveness of existing vaccines. This opinion was expressed by virologist, professor of Moscow State University and Doctor of Biological Sciences Alexey Agranovsky.

“Currently, in many countries, including Israel, the delta strain dominates, which can infect children and adolescents who have not been ill before and who have not been vaccinated. In addition, delta partially overcomes the vaccine protection in vaccinated adults. Hence the increase in morbidity, ” Lenta quotes him as saying.

He added that vaccination in any case remains an effective protection against severe and fatal cases of COVID-19. “Vaccines do not protect against positive PCR, but from severe consequences,” he noted.

Recall that the Israeli authorities decided to return the covid restrictions due to the increase in the number of diseases in the country. Recall that in May, the coronavirus was detected extremely rarely in Israel, but then the incidence began to increase. A record number of infections was recorded on September 1 – 16,629 cases. The share of the vaccinated population in the country is 64.33%.