A special – but also very serious moment was to change the Rudi Nielsen’s outlook on life.

In an interview with ‘Her World’, she tells how an accident that occurred many years ago taught her that she certainly was not immortal.

The violent accident occurred on the 18. June in 1961. A short time after, she had met her now late husband, Harald Nielsen, as she was a passenger in a car that was supposed to drive her home from Gilleleje in northern Zealand.

“We went wrong and I got violently hurt. In nine days I lay in the hospital, and it could go both ways. When I woke up, I had internal bleeding, broken limbs, and I couldn’t feel my legs. Overall, I was over three months in the hospital,” says 76-year-old Rudi Nielsen.

But she got through it.

And she think though, it is because the infatuation she had been hit by. Falling in love in the footballer, Harald Nielsen, who she met during the filming of the well-known children’s film ‘Father of four’, where she played the ‘Mie’ in eight movies.

“the Accident did also, I got a completely different view on life. Young people think that there can be them anything. They take drugs, smoke, and drink liquor, but when you are in the hospital, you know that life is not a of course. It can go wrong at a moment, and it is sitting in the back of your mind, that you need to be happy for life,” she says.

Rudi Nielsen was just 17 years old when she met Denmark’s ‘Gold Harold’ for the first time during the filming of ‘the Father of four of the full music’.

As a 19-year-old, she moved with him to Italy, just as the two were also married.

The last ‘Father of four’movies were also Rudi Nielsen’s last, when she withdrew from the play in order to move to Italy with her husband.

They were together, until Harald Nielsen died in 2015 after prolonged illness. Together they had two children.

today the work Rudi Nielsen is no longer as an actor. She sits in the Eventyrteatrets board of directors, and she lives in day in Charlottenlund.