Violators of the regime of isolation expelled from Russia

the Materials on expulsion 40 Chinese citizens already enrolled in Lublin, Simonovsky, Taganskaya and some other courts. In submissions refers to the attracting of foreign citizens to responsibility according to part 3, article 18.8 of the administrative offences Code of the Russian Federation “Infringement by the foreign citizen of rules of entrance or stay in the Russian Federation, expressed in discrepancy of the declared purpose of entry is actually either carried out in the absence of documents confirming the right to stay in the Russian Federation, committed in Moscow or in St. Petersburg”. However, the police do not hide that are actually violations of the evicted citizens was the fact that they violated prescribed by a medical quarantine regime in connection with suspected coronavirus.

residents of the Russian regions have stopped panicking for coronavirus

Violators of the regime of isolation identify the police during raids at hotels, hostels, markets, private apartments, underground and ground transport. I should add that according to the files of the Moscow city court of Russia has deported at least 13 Chinese nationals who violated the prescribed medical quarantine mode.