for Years, Viola Wedekind (41) and her husband, Jacques, Breuer (62) tried to get a child. But all Attempts failed and even though the Couple of 30’000 Euro invested in artificial insemination and sperm donation. “The clock made Tick tock, Tick tock. I asked myself: is it working now or not?” the “storm of love”-Star “RTL says.”

As a last attempt, Wedekind went on Tinder to find a suitable donor and met the teacher, Michael Fischer (36) know and love. The ARD-actress has separated now from Breuer and lives together with the Tinder-acquaintance.

“The Plan: in a minute, is out of control, with us from the hands slipped,” says the actress. “We fell in love and when you fall in love, you can do nothing.” The marriage to Breuer, she was with since 2008, married, went into the fractures, and the actress is Michael’s pregnant.

Wedekind, adopted from a desire to have children

A difficult time, which is even harder, as Wedekind and again miscarriage. “Why don’t we just stay and enjoy our lives?”, I asked Wedekind, in this Moment, and inwardly by the thought, to be a mother once, saying good bye.

But it should be otherwise. In a completely natural way, the “storm of love”Star is pregnant again, in mid-October, the couple is expecting a boy. Wedekind says: “It is and remains a miracle.” (klm)