According to him, financial difficulties can force any person to agree to toil.

Coronavirus has hit the wallets of not only Russian stars, but touched even the most famous and popular world artists. This celebrated musician Yuri Loza.

He believes that the current crisis similar to the great depression of the last century in the US, when many, in spite of the status, earn the money through hard work.

Then everything went to unload the cars, despite the status and stardom. What’s the difference who you’re a star or not. In the same way now. If our artists will be in the financial trap, then actively go to unload cars. All of us — the people who will have nothing to eat — go to work anyone, the musician said in an interview with “Evening Moscow”.

Earlier life reported that due economic crisis and financial difficulties, former lead singer of “dirty rotten scoundrels” began to earn a living by working in a taxi. A lack of money and work complained about Tarzan, but then Yuri Loza told him that he could get a nurse to get “some money”.