Vine ridiculed the popularity of the actor Alexander Petrov

the Singer and composer Yuri Loza made another critical remark on the fresh topical theme of showbiz. The musician reacted negatively to the popularity of the actor Alexander Petrov, who starred in several widely publicized projects in a row.

In the social network Vine wrote that thousands of young people not only dream of a film career, but also make great efforts in order to break into this field. So, according to him, only College theater each year, releasing two thousand new actors, with many talented people pouring into the industry from outside.

“pester … are samples, lick the producers… writes Vine. Naive, they still believe in a miracle.”

It is reported that recently, I saw “the pompous announcement of the film that will shoot in the near future, “and all of these the main roles are already approved by Alexander Petrov”.

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