in Anderlecht, the players are still not in agreement about the handing in of the month of april. The big issue is that the players get to one-twelfth of their tekengeld to give for this holiday season. As a compromise, Vincent Kompany, for that is the difference out of your own pocket to pay for those of you who are not, therefore, wish to draw on.

The discussions at the Neighbourhoods. The players are largely in agreement with the rejection of a wage, their pension and other benefits-in-kind (except for cars), but it is above all the rejection of the tekengeld that it is a stumbling block. In some contracts, it is a very high amount of their wages, and sometimes beyond.

The board wants to be just a little compromise will do. They will also ensure the players that they will always guard against unemployment, but other than that there is little margin for negotiation. In order to break the deadlock and has a player-manager in Vincent Kompany, but a proposal has been made. He wants to be an economic loss to compensate for out of his own pocket for all of the players who are tekengeld don’t want to let them fall. It is a deliberate move? The player will be in a month to dare to live at the expense of the Red Devil?

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