as for Vincent Kompany as a role model in her own words – “an encouraging word”, on his Facebook page about the coronacrisis. He wants people to cheer them up, which is currently in a stituatie where he used to be in the room.

“COVID19, and I think it’s clear: it’s the fight of a generation,” said Kompany. “It is often stated, but it is a collective effort that is needed, or else we are in big trouble. Unfortunately, in the health sector, it will no longer have to bear it.”

“at home, and the social separation of reminds me of a lot of parameters, which is very, very hard would have been for me and my family. When we were little, we lived with five people in one apartment, and all around us there were six-and-seven at the time. Of course, a difficult area for a very long time to get. But still, I would like to mainly those people will cheer them up: always great to dream, even if the area is small. Continue to progress, continue to search for your interests, bljif just have to make plans for the future, a better future.”

“It is what it is, but we can always grow into something better, because I believe in it. Always, even in difficult times. So I want to just say: stay strong, , continues to be strong.”

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