According to the current state of the start of the formula 1 season in 2020, will take place on 14. June in Montreal. The Grand Prix of Canada is the first race on the list, having previously due to the corona crisis already eight Grands Prix to be cancelled or moved. It should not be the Plan, it would be in the history of formula 1 for the first Time, that the kick-off takes place in Canada.

“For Montreal it would be a major Coup,” says Jacques Villeneuve, whose father Gilles the track is named . The world champion in 1997, believes, however, that it is really so. “It is hard to imagine that [the Grand Prix] on the 14. June will take place”, he says and explains: “Canada is the Virus.”

What Villeneuve says: In Canada, there are currently “only” about 4,000 confirmed corona cases. For comparison: In Germany there are already more than 45,000 cases in the United States, outpacing even China, “” have, more than 85,000. Canada is still at the very beginning of an epidemic, while it is advanced in other countries are already much further.

That means in turn, that will also move the end of the epidemic to the rear. This makes it according to Villeneuve is unlikely that Canada really in June, a formula 1 race can take place. “The good news is that it could be moved. It is less complex than in Baku or Monaco,” he says. The structure of the track in Montreal is significantly faster.

The organizers themselves expressed this week more confident than Villeneuve. Francois Dumontier said to ‘’ “I am every day, but at least every second day, with the help of formula 1 in contact. In addition, I speak regularly with the local authorities, the city and the government. As of now, the race will take place as planned on 14. June. We are optimistic, but also realistic.”

Villeneuve is currently not in Canada but in his adopted home of Italy, which was taken from the corona crisis in Europe, with more than 80,000 confirmed cases in the most violent. “We have to stay home and keep to the rules,” said Villeneuve in view of the current curfew in Italy.

This article was written by Ruben Zimmermann

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