In Meggen LU rages a dispute over a pig sty. This is too close to the border to the neighbor’s Villa. Owner Daniel Wirth (54) stinks. So he raised a complaint and got right. Farmer Kaspar Hofer (58) have to move his Stall to 38 meters (LOOK told).

The pork smell is not only disturbs the local residents, for the luxury Villa, it could also mean discounts on the value. “In some cases, the property can be between 10 and 15 percent less in value,” says Fredy hare Maile (52), real estate expert of Credit Suisse. Who build his house near a highway, a nuclear power plant or industrial site, must reckon with it.

Wirth’s Villa has a living area of nearly 480 square meters, including a shift of the entire land area is 2211 square feet. The location is great, with a clear view on the lake of Lucerne. Villas in Meggen currently for sale, have a living area of 200 to 270 square meters and cost between 2.2 and 3.6 million Swiss francs.

Loss of 1.1 million Swiss francs

a sale could bring in Wirth’s property Twice. The exact value of this would not like to comment on the request of a VIEW. However, 7 to 7.3 million Swiss francs in this Prime location be realistic, is it from the Experts.

At a discount of 15 per cent owner of Wirth would have to expect a sale with a Loss of 1.1 million Swiss francs. “Who buys a luxury property, offers a Prime location, with a pigsty in the vicinity of this is not given,” explains the expert Bunny Maile.

losses of up to 15 per cent, in the environment of broiler farms is also confirmed by Gunnar gardener (47), President of the valuation experts-chamber of SVIT. In this Situation, however, is to consider that the odour problem had already existed prior to the construction of the Villa. The owners have, therefore, from the beginning, with haircuts on the value of the property expect.

Two birds with one stone,

beat to Win neighbor to Wirth, but his battle against the pig breeding farmer Hofer, is his Villa a Million more value. Farmer Hofer costs, however, the pigs debacle probably a Million francs. Money he has not. Through Crowdfunding, he is now trying, with the total raise.

the villas owner Wirth could beat with a generous Boon actually two birds with one stone: the relocation of the farmer to speed up and the loss of value of his luxury estate prevent.