Vilfand said whether the next five years, abnormally warm

Scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand agree with this conclusion. “If you orignate five years, it really turns out that each of the following five years warmer than the previous one. And every decade warmer than the past. It’s a consequence of climate warming,” – said the forecaster. He adds that the predictability of climate forecasts (for several years) is higher than for a year or six months.

Photo: Valeriy Melnikov/RIA Novosti Foreign meteorologists explained the abnormally warm winter

“That’s a paradox, says forecaster. The averaging of temperature takes place over a long period of time. This value is well predicted. Because it largely depends very much on the increase of CO2. Unfortunately, humanity each year emits more and more greenhouse gases. There is such a thing – short-term fluctuation of climate, when the temperature soars up and down. Over five years, it becomes significantly less volatile. And this less volatile characteristics of a five-year better justified.

when we talk about warming, we’re talking about a large period of time. About a particular year is uncertain. We can talk more specifically only when there is the phenomenon of El Nino, i.e. the warming of the ocean surface on the equator in the Pacific ocean. Or, conversely, cold. If the cold happens, we can say that this year will be colder than the previous one. If warming, it is possible to say that it is not just higher than the previous, and one of the warmest”.