Vilfand has promised record high temperatures until the end of February

According to him, in Moscow on Tuesday, the anomaly will be 7 degrees above normal as of Wednesday. On 27 and 28 February, the rate will be exceeded by 8 degrees, and 29 February – 5-6 degrees. But in the night of Wednesday the temperature will fall to minus 4-5 degrees. Day, all week within plus 4-5 degrees. Slight precipitation in the form of rain and wet snow.

Photo: Valeriy Melnikov/RIA Novosti Foreign meteorologists explained the abnormally warm winter

The highest positive anomalies, according to Vilfand possible in the North of Western Siberia and in Central Siberia. There are deviations from the norm can be 20 degrees. In the South, in the Rostov region – the norm is exceeded by 12 degrees, in Krasnodar territory – 10 degrees. In Krasnodar and in Sochi, in the middle of the week is projected to plus 17 degrees. In the Crimea, up to 14-15 degrees. It is quite spring values.