Fabien Cloutier and Pier-Luc Funk will give the reply to the cinema. The two actors will star in the film Vil et miserable, the film adaptation of the graphic novel by Samuel Cantin.

Anne-Élisabeth Bossé, Chantal Fontaine, Alexis Martin and Éric Robidoux complete the cast of the feature film which will be directed by Jean-François Leblanc. Filming will run from August 4 to September 7.

Vile et miserable will paint the portrait of Lucien (Fabien Cloutier), a bookseller of used books who also turns out to be a misanthropic demon who descended on Earth more than 350 years ago. His world will be completely turned upside down the day when, with a view to expanding the bookstore, his boss hires a bookseller’s assistant (Pier-Luc Funk). Despite his aversion to the human species, Lucien will gradually open up to the world through contact with the newcomer, who will become an unusual ally.

The theatrical release of the film is scheduled for 2024.