in Front of around 70’000 years, the world population shrank due to a temperature fall to a few Thousand copies. After re-warming the person had the opportunity to settle down to grow Crops and livestock, inventories and multiply diligently.

When Julius Caesar forced the helvetii at Bibracte to repentance, lived around 250 million people on the earth, at the beginning of the 17th century. Century, there were 500 million. Crop failures, famines, pestilence and wars prevented a further increase. This changed in the 19th century. Century thanks to the industrial Revolution, advances in medicine and increases in yield in agriculture.

In the direction of 10 billion

died As Winston Churchill in 1965 and the Rolling Stones, the Berlin forest stage smashed, had six times the world’s population, approximately 3.3 billion more than. Today, the UN counts 7.7 billion, and predicts that by 2050, 9.7 billion.

It goes without saying that all of the environmental and climate fizzle policy measures, when the world population is growing at this rate.

more and More people consume more resources. A deficiency leads to war. A Surplus of young men anyway.

birth control for all of the

in the World, a woman on average has 2.5 births in Africa is 4.4. These women had the choice, writes the Gates Foundation, would be to reduce the population growth of thirty percent. However, due to poverty, lack of education and because in many third world countries, children are wealth, a status symbol, are a lot of efforts in vain. While in the UK, 92.6 percent of all women use contraception, in South Sudan, only 4 per cent. Bill Gates says: “No money in the world can save Africa, only birth control.”

In contrast to the private development aid destroy the state aid measures from the West, often the local business, filling the pockets of corrupt governments and appease the bad Conscience of the donor countries. To the demographic development, nothing will change.

A UN Ambassador she calls, a “ticking time bomb”. This is not Science Fiction, this is mathematics.

Claude Cueni (63) is a writer and lives in Basel. He writes every second Friday of the VIEWS.