We are good friends and he has been here visiting for the past four years, ” says Nils Sara

this Year’s visit with reineieren is a little longer than first expected.

Giang Hoang Le, came to Kautokeino the 10. march after having been travelling in Mongolia in two weeks.

Giang Hoang Le helps with the work on the plateau.

Photo: Nils Sara / Private

Really, he should have more friends in the year, but it was unfortunately not because of the koronasituasjonen in Vietnam.

After arriving in Kautokeino was Hoang Le will have to sit in the 14-day quarantine at home with Sara.

as the weeks passed and the measures were more stringent, realized both that it would take a while before he could travel home to Vietnam.

– Then we realized that he had to be a while, got him up on the mountain and do it daily reindriftsarbeidet.

Giang Hoang Le helps with the daily reindriftsarbeidet.

Photo: Nils Sara / Private – To good use

Sara tells him that he has to use a little extra help in this year’s krisesesong for reindeer herding.

In the year we have little available grazing areas for the animals since we have had so much snow. Therefore we have given much fodder to the animals.

the Reindeer must be fed with the pellets this winter since it has come so much snow.

Photo: Nils Sara / Private

Hoang Le has been to run out and forums the reindeer with pellets. This has come in handy for Sara.

– He does the absolute advantage for meanwhile he has been here. He has also hewn out of the rock mass at and repaired skillegjerdet.

do not Know when he will drag the

Sarah says that Hoang Le has been in contact with the vietnamese embassy to find out how he is going to get home.

He thrives on the plateau. The only thing he misses is his girlfriend in Saigon.

Nils Sara

The last he heard from the embassy was that they would collect all the vietnamesere in the country and fly it home, but it is still uncertain when it happens