Vietnam said goodbye to the coronavirus

Vietnam said goodbye to the coronavirus last week there was not recorded any new cases of infection, bringing the country decided to lift the quarantine. It is reported Viet Nam News.

In particular, in large cities again allowed business activities: they opened a cafe and shops. It is reported that the children went back to school, earned on public transport. A number of limitations continues to operate in the cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. The authorities ordered the population to continue to wear masks and observe social distance, as, in their opinion, such behavior should become the “new normal”.

Vietnamese schools have been closed since January, universal quarantine began March 16, March 25 was cancelled by the international, as well as the vast majority of domestic flights, trains and buses.

Earlier it was reported that Vietnam was able to avoid the tragic consequences of the pandemic coronavirus by vigorous quarantine measures. The who representative in Vietnam, Kidon Park believes that the early response of countries to the crisis was a critical success factor.

The success of Vietnam can be explained by social cohesion of its citizens. Elderly confirm that you have not seen this level of discipline and solidarity since the war.

In Vietnam on April 23, recorded 268 cases of infection with coronavirus, none of the patients died.