Leipzig/Dresden – The Corona-crisis, even before the births Stop. In order not to jeopardize the cared for women, and the families of the midwives, would currently replace many of the home visits in Saxony by means of Video Switch, said the Chairman of the Saxon midwife Association, Stephanie Hahn-Schaffarczyk, the German press Agency.

Also, birth preparation and recovery courses were to be held digital video conferences, to avoid contacts. Mothers and Pregnant women tend to have a lot of sympathy for the modified Format, said faucet Schaffarczyk, which is self-midwife at Klinikum Hoyerswerda. At the same time, they stressed that visits by women in the postpartum period are essential. Studies with close contact, however, would be carried out only with mouth and nose protection.

“You had to deal never with such a Situation,” said Hahn Schaffarczyk. The touching solidarity, the learn you and your colleagues had. Several clients and a sewing circle offered to sew the mouth protection for the midwives. However, the “proper protective clothing” is missing, so the Hahn-Schaffarczyk.