In social networks have gained popularity Dipak singing a Russian song by American businessman Elon Musk.

Musk responded to Rogozin’s joke about “trampoline”

One user created a highlight video where Musk became a Soviet singer of the group “Earthlings”. The American “sings” the song that became the anthem of Russian cosmonautics – “Grass at home”. Commentators write that turned out to be quite similar.

“a Real patriot of Russia – Maxim Ilansky” – joking subscribers.

The video was published in mid-may, but has gained popularity after the launch of the manned spacecraft Crew Dragon company Ilona Mask.

Dipak fake video collage created using artificial intelligence. One image superimposed on another, whereby it is possible to quietly replace the person in the video.

Musk long been interested in Russia. Earlier he said that he likes the Russian language. As reported by “Rambler”, occasionally an American businessman uses Russian words, including the swear, Twitter.