The picturesque bathing bay of Caló d’es Moro in the municipality of Santanyí on Mallorca is considered one of the most beautiful on the entire island. For years it was an insider tip, but now the stretch of beach is completely overrun with tourists as early as May.

The season in Mallorca is already in full swing. This year, many people are traveling to the Germans’ favorite island again – with consequences.

On Sunday (26 May), the bathing bay of Caló d’es Moro in the municipality of Santanyí on Mallorca was completely overcrowded. A video shared on social networks shows how many people crowded the small beach, leaving hardly any room for their towels.

Reactions to the video were quick to pour in, with one user commenting: “This is not tourism, this is an invasion.” Another added that tourism is the “plague of the 21st century.” These strong opinions reflect growing concerns about the negative impact of tourism on the region.

The picturesque bay, once celebrated as one of the most beautiful on the island, is increasingly suffering from the high influx of visitors. The many images shared on social media platforms contribute to the popularity and overcrowding of the section of the island now known as “Instagram Bay”. In addition, Caló d’es Moro regularly appears on lists of the most beautiful beaches in the world, which attracts additional visitors.

Watch the Instagram video here:

In view of the overcrowding of local bays, a campaign has been launched in Mallorca under the motto “Don’t tag this beach, bitch”, which calls on people not to mention the exact locations when sharing beach photos in order to protect nature from the onslaught. This is reported by the “Mallorca Zeitung” among others.

In addition, more than 10,000 people demonstrated in Palma on Saturday against the effects of tourism and the resulting housing shortage. With slogans such as “Tourism yes, but not like this” and “If they deny us a roof over our heads, they deny us a future”, they expressed their displeasure and their demands for a more sustainable tourism model.

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By Klara Indernach (KI)

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